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Jungto Society is a community based on Buddhist practice.

By committing ourselves to the life of a bodhisattva, we vow to live as free individuals without suffering and contribute to making the world around us a better place. Jungto Society dreams of Jungto (Pure Land), a world where individuals are happy, societies are peaceful, and nature is beautiful.

Jungto Society is a Buddhist community founded with the aim of solving problems prevalent in a modern society such as greed, poverty, conflict, and environmental degradation, based on the teachings of Buddha. Founded in 1988, Jungto Society has since established the Jungto Missionary Center, Jungto Monthly, the Korean Buddhist Society Research Institute, and the Korean Buddhist Society Education Center.

With an emphasis on individual Buddhist practice, which transforms people’s lives, Jungto Society has been promoting various movements such as ecological awareness campaigns; the eradication of famine, disease, and illiteracy; advocacy of peace and human rights; and the unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Jungto Society has been working to create Buddhist communities that enable their members to view the problems people face today from a global perspective and to play leading roles in solving these problems.

As of May 2018, Jungto Society has 172 regional chapters in South Korea and 20 overseas chapters including 12 in the United States and nine in Europe. Jungto societies offer gatherings for Buddhist ceremonies, Venerable Pomnyun Sunim’s Dharma talks, and other Jungto Buddhist programs.

These societies also actively promote environmental protection and the welfare of those in need, including starving North Koreans and refugees.

Jungto Society in Europe

Currently, as of  October 2018, there are nine Jungto Society communities in Europe as listed below.


Buddhist Jungto Deutschland e. V.
Postbank Dortmund
BLZ 440 100 46
Konto-Nr. 531 794 469
IBAN: DE30 44010046 0531794469

Jungto Düsseldorf
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/duesseldorf
phone: +49-160-470-7366
e-mail: duesseldorf@jungto.org
address: Bruchstraße 13- 15, 40235 Düsseldorf

Jungto München
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/muenchen
phone: +49-176-3276-2852
e-mail: muenchen@jungto.org
address: Evangelisches Forum 1. Stock, Herzog-Wilhelm-Str. 24, 80331 München

Jungto Berlin
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/berlin
phone: +49-179-797-3939
e-mail: berlin@jungto.org
address: Wulffstr. 6, 12165 Berlin

Jungto Frankfurt
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/frankfurt
phone: +49-157-8625-9998
e-mail: frankfurt@jungto.org
address: Rüster Str. 5, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

Jungto Hamburg
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/hamburg
phone: +49-176-6470-1045
e-mail:  jt.hamburg.open@gmail.com
address: BGH (Buddhistische Gesellschaft Hamburg e.V) Beisserstrasse 23, 22337 Hamburg


Jungto Zürich
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/zuerich
phone: +41-78-936-0865
e-mail: zuerich@jungto.org
address: Leonhardstrasse 12, 8001 Zürich


Jungto London
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/london
phone: +44-7817-657-073
e-mail: infoLondon@jungto.org
address: St. Margarets House, 21 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PL

Jungto New Malden
website: https://jungtoeurope.org/newmalden
phone: +44-7413-106-379
Graham Spicer Institute, 15 Dukes Ave, New Malden, KT3 4HL


Jungto Paris
website: website: https://jungtoeurope.org/paris
phone: +33-6-6900-0358
e-mail: paris@jungto.org
address: Forum104 (104 rue de Vaugirard 75006 Paris, France)

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